Equipment Financing

We are here to help you acquire the assets you need for your business.

Armada Credit Group arranges financing to help you acquire the assets you need for your business. We are committed to helping you access financing that is structured to suit your business requirements at a fair cost. Armada has the right funding and the experience to accommodate transactions large and small, across almost all industries, for just about any type of equipment and with businesses ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals.

What Types of Equipment Do We Help Finance?

We work in manufacturers directly in many cases, helping bring to life equipment that saves lives and help people with various illnesses and conditions. 

For example, Armada works with the manufacturer that creates BrainsWave, a mental health and depression device. Armada also works with Syneron Candela, the leader in creating laser technology that helps many needing medical aesthetics. 

We regularly help businesses who need: 

  • Medical Equipment
  • Aesthetic Equipment
  • I.T. Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Traditional Manufacturing

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