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Armada Credit Group arranges equipment leasing and financing to help you acquire the capital equipment you need to grow your business. We are committed to helping you access equipment leasing that is tailored to your business needs.

More than just a leasing company, Armada’s mission is to add benefit for every valued partner in our ecosystem. We leverage our financial expertise and provides vendors and customers to our own funds, as well as funding from banks, other financial institutions, and non-traditional lenders to accommodate transactions large and small, across virtually all industries, for just about any type of capital equipment and with businesses ranging from start-ups, through small and mid-sized enterprises, all the way to large multinationals and government entities.

Equipment Leasing offers several benefits:

  • Quick credit approvals 
  • Simple documents
  • Preserve availability of capital under your bank lines 
  • Access additional credit capacity 
  • Hedge against falling out favour with your bank or lead lender
  • Get it now! Pay for your capital equipment with the revenue it will generate
  • Accounting and tax structuring opportunities
  • Qualify for 100% financing
  • Deferred payments and seasonal slips for qualifying transactions
  • Hedge against inflation by using your asset now and paying in future dollars
  • Match your equipment financing payments to the cash flows your capital equipment will generate

The Armada team is not just about the numbers. We are pretty good with numbers, but we are also fully invested in our business partners’ success.

We build relationships that benefit the members of our community over the long term. That means Armada will always put in the effort to make sure our valued customers get the best advice and solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are considering competitive financing offers or even shopping for the right capital equipment, or have questions about equipment leasing, we are happy to be of service. 

So reach out today to speak with an Armada equipment financing professional and find out how equipment leasing and financing can work for you!

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