Recent Transactions

Aesthetic Equipment

$55,000 • 48 month lease

Aesthetician acquired her first major piece of equipment for her new business

IT Security Monitoring Hardware, Software and Services

$100,000 • 36 month Managed Services Contract

IT security company provided hardware, software and security monitoring services to a university in exchange for 3 annual payments






What We Do

Our team has originated billions of dollars of leases and loans through customized vendor finance programs and directly with end customers, all the while garnering a reputation for fostering strong relationships and fair dealing. We leverage our network of leading banks, independent finance companies and non-traditional lenders for the benefit of our customers and vendor partners. At Armada Credit Group, we are passionate about helping you grow your business and setting you up for long-term success.

Join the Armada and let us help grow your business!


Equipment Financing

Additional capital for businesses to acquire commercial equipment and software

Vendor Finance Programs

Making it more affordable and attractive for your customers to buy from you

Consumer Finance

Funding for individuals to acquire goods and services

Advisory Services

Consulting for customers, vendors and lenders from well-respected industry experts

Working Capital

Business loans to replace or complement your bank line of credit

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A Leader in The Industry

The Armada team has collectively originated billions of dollars of leases, loans, and finance programs. As such, we have become global leaders in funding businesses that make a difference.

At Armada we:

  • Believe in fair-dealing and building strong relationships.
  • Value our business partners and are passionate about helping them help others.
  • Are knowledgeable about the industries and equipment that we finance.

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