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For several years, the top companies drove increased revenues through dedicated equipment finance programs. The world’s leading executives understand that a strong vendor finance program works for auto companies, construction equipment manufacturers, computer companies and just about anyone selling goods and services to businesses or consumers. We want to put the power of a good vendor finance program to work for your business.

Our leadership team have developed and managed some of the largest and most successful vendor finance programs. Our deep experience has taught us what works well and where the challenges lie. We look forward to working with you, our vendor partners, to share our experience and develop a Vendor Finance Program that is tailored to drive the success of your unique business.

Some of the benefits of a vendor finance program include:

  • Offer your price-sensitive customers a low monthly payment rather than a large, up-front cost

  • Achieve higher approval rates (even for customers with weak credit)

  • Simplify the application, documentation and funding processes

  • Get paid now, rather than chasing customers and their financial partners

We are also set up to manage your entire Accounts Receivable lifecycle process, from credit adjudication of prospective customers to receivables management and collection.

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