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Equipment Finance & Leasing

Armada Credit Group arranges financing to help you acquire the assets you need for your business. We are committed to helping you access financing that is structured to suit your business requirements. Armada has the right funding and the experience to accommodate transactions large and small, across almost all industries, for just about any type of equipment and with businesses ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals.

Equipment Leasing offers several benefits:

  • Quick approval process and simple documents

  • Preserve availability under your bank lines and take advantage of additional credit capacity from our funders

  • Get it now! Pay for your equipment with the revenue it will generate

  • Accounting and tax structuring opportunities

  • Qualify for 100% financing

  • Qualify for deferred payments

  • Hedge against inflation by using your asset now and paying in future dollars

  • Match your payments to the seasonal cash flows of your business

Vendor Finance Programs

Top performing capital equipment companies drive revenues with dedicated equipment finance programs. Strong vendor finance programs work for auto companies, construction equipment manufacturers, computer companies and just about anyone selling goods and services to businesses or consumers. We want to put the power of a bespoke vendor finance program to work for your business.

Our leadership team have developed and managed some of the largest and most successful vendor finance programs. Our deep experience has taught us what works well and where the challenges lie. We look forward to working with you, our vendor partners, to share our experience and develop a Vendor Finance Program that is tailored to drive the success of your unique business.

Some of the benefits of a vendor finance program include:

  • Offer your price-sensitive customers a low monthly payment rather than a large, up-front cost

  • Achieve higher approval rates (even for customers with weak credit)

  • Simplify the application, documentation and funding processes

  • Get paid now, rather than chasing customers and their financial partners

We are also built to manage your entire Accounts Receivable lifecycle process, from credit adjudication of prospective customers, to receivables management and collection.

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Working Capital Loans

Sometimes your business needs excess cash for just a few months… or maybe more. Like when you get the chance to buy inventory at a deep discount or you have a large project or unexpected repairs. Armada makes it easy for you to get working capital for your business without drawing from your bank lines.

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Consumer Finance

Did we mention that we also have considerable expertise in Consumer Finance? Whether you are making home improvements or performing elective medical procedures, the right finance partner can help you close more business by making it easier and more affordable for your customers, clients or patients to pay you. If you are a vendor, dealer, manufacturer, contractor, merchant or healthcare practitioner and you sell to consumers, we want to help make your products and services more accessible by making them more affordable to a broader range of people.

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Expert Consulting & Advisory Services

Equipment financing can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You have questions. We will help you get the right answers. Even if you are dealing with another finance source, we are happy to provide you with a second opinion. Speak to us before acquiring equipment and let us help you minimize your total cost of ownership.

Already committed to a lease or financing? Let us review the terms of your legal documents and ensure you maximize the return from your deal. We know all the “ins and outs” and we will review rates and terms to make sure you get the deal that was represented.

We earned our reputation by structuring fair transactions that balance the interest of all participants. Let us work with you and your finance sources to make sure your interests are well served.

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